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Limes are one of life’s little pleasures! Whether using the whole fruit or only the juice, peel or zest, you’ll have endless opportunities to integrate limes into your meals this winter. In Australia, we’re lucky enough to grow many different varieties of lime – all with unique flavours for different uses. Some are best for marmalades, jams and chutneys while others lend themselves nicely to dressings, sauces and even punches or cocktails!

Tahitian or Persian Limes:

These limes are the most common variety found in supermarkets across Australia. They can be used as a mixer for drinks, in dressings and as a garnish due to their seedless flesh and because they’re very juicy but not intensely fragrant. Tip: Before using Tahitian or Persian limes, place them in hot water for a few minutes to assist in the release of oil from the skin making them more fragrant.

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